Koha-Jasper Report Monitor

From the visionaries of Lightwave Library and LMSCloud

Koha-Jasper is a revolutionary Windows 10 or Windows 11 service utility tailored to enhance the reporting experience for Koha users seeking heightened efficiency and robustness. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Koha library management system, Koha-Jasper offers a dynamic solution for generating comprehensive reports in real-time.

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File Watcher Service

At its core, Koha-Jasper streamlines access to Koha's data through real-time CSV downloads and SQL reporting functionalities. Leveraging the power of Jasper Reports, this innovative tool empowers users to create insightful reports with unparalleled flexibility and precision. Running discreetly in your system tray, Koha-Jasper operates seamlessly in the background.

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FIPS Compliant

Koha-Jasper uses the Microsoft .NET 4.8 framework, ensuring full compliance with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). Koha-Jasper integrates the latest in encryption technologies, such as AES-256 and RSA-4096, to secure data transmission and storage. Additionally, it incorporates robust local password protection mechanisms, including PBKDF2 with HMAC-SHA-512 for hashing passwords, ensuring that user credentials are safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

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Koha Plugin Available Now

The Koha Plugin, generously provided by LMSCloud, is not necessary for using the Koha-Jasper utility. However, it is required if you wish to bulk import existing Koha reports into Koha-Jasper. Additionally, the plugin is essential for importing report PAKS from any other third-party sources.


Koha-Jasper is a Windows 10/11 program. The Setup.exe can be downloaded below. The Setup.exe is not currently digitally signed. Do NOT download this program from any other site. Download directly from Lightwave Library.

Windows 10/11 v1.0.0.20

Revision History

  • Fixed a bug in the number of monitored reports counter.
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    Koha Plugin

    The Koha plugin, developed by Paul Derscheid at LMSCloud, is necessary for the bulk import and export of report PAKS. Additionally, your Koha instance must have the public REST-API enabled with Basic Authentication. We are currently working on a plugin that will support API Key Authorization for future use.

    Download Koha Plugin

    Want to a stab at report writing? Download the free Java based Jasper Studio Community Edition. This requires Java 8 installed.

    Download Jasper Reports Library.zip here.

    Report PAKS

    You don't need to know how to create Jasper reports to benefit from Koha-Jasper. Simply download pre-existing report PAKS and import them into your Koha-Jasper. With the plugin active, these reports will be automatically created in the JASPER tab of your Koha reports section.

    Lightwave Library will try to provide the source code for all report PAKS as *.JRXML files. You will only need these files if you wish to customize an imported report.

    Name Description Source Included Action
    Items Currently Checked out by Staff This report renders items still checked out by staff borrowers. It is grouped by branchcode and staff borrower. A page break occurs per change in staff borrower. No
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